Send a letter to your elected officials!
Click on the above link to quickly and easily write and send an e-mail to your elected officials in Connecituct. You can choose from a preformatted letter that we have made available about key policy issues currently before the Connecticut General Assembly or, write your own.

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Get involved and let your voice be heard.

If you believe that the current “war on drugs” policies are as miscalculated and unjust as we do, then get involved.

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Here are several ways you can get involved:

  1. Sign up to receive action alerts and other informational e-mail from A Better Way Foundation Connecticut at The Alliance Connecticut website.
  2. Educate yourself on the issue.
    Click the Legislative Priorities link to read more about medical marijuana, sentencing disparity and other issues here in Connecticut..
  3. Let others know about the issue
    E-mail your friends, family and co-workers and let them know about this web site and ask them to sign up to get alerts.
  4. Let us know what is going on.
    Although we might like to, we can’t be everywhere to read every article or see every television show. If you read a newspaper article or listen to a television show, forward the article to us at ABWF or call to let us know what you heard on the television show.
  5. Invite ABWF to speak to your school, Church, classroom, group, work place, professional network, and/or house meeting about “war on drugs” policies and ways to make a difference in Connecticut.
  6. Tell your story.
    If you are negatively impacted by current war on drug policies, write your testimony and send it to us. Are you a patient who wants to use medical marijuana for medical purposes? Do you know someone in prison on an inflated drug charge? Can you not find a job because of your felony drug record?
  7. Volunteer.
    Volunteer to make phone calls, write op-ed article to newspapers, help organize meetings and make presentations.

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