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A Better Way Foundation (ABWF) was founded in response to the need to institutionalize efforts to educate Connecticut’s leaders about alternatives to war on drug policies. Research conducted over the years indicates that Connecticut voters are receptive to language and policies that support increased access to drug treatment, judicial discretion in non-violent drug related cases and the prevention of infectious disease.


A Better Way Foundation is a 501 c3 not for profit research and education organization dedicated to a shift in Connecticut drug policy from a paradigm that prioritizes criminal sanctions and incarceration, to one that supports public health and treatment. Our mission is to support statewide policies that increase access to drug treatment, prevent the spread of infectious disease and focus limited prison space on violent offenders.


– To effectively refocus the direction of Connecticut’s drug policy by providing public education for community, civil rights, public, labor and religious leaders.
– To collaborate with partnering organizations focused on social and political change in the State of Connecticut and to work with stakeholders, community leaders and reform advocates to have the appropriate information to base decisions.
– To collaborate with A Better Way in working with a number of grassroots organizations to address “War on Drugs” policies by preparing and positioning them to testify in efforts to educate our local and State policy makers.

A Better Way Foundation Staff

Interim Executive Director:
Lorenzo Jones
[email protected]

Senior Field Organizer:
Michelle Yorio
[email protected]

Field Organizer:
Norman Jennings

A Better Way Foundation Board of Directors

Dawn Fuller-Ball, President
Barbara Fair, Vice-Chair
Laura McCargar, Treasurer
Dayanna Hernandez, Secretary.
Tim Black
Alain Lopez
Orathai Northern
Dorian Parker

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